Electronic Report Line (ERL)

The Human Equation's Electronic Report Line, or ERL®, is the ultimate organizational risk management tool. ERL is an online reporting mechanism which allows anyone to report incidents or concerns safely and anonymously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ERL® is an efficient and affordable solution for Organizations seeking to: comply with legal obligations to make confidential reporting mechanism available (Sarbanes-Oxley); establish and preserve valuable affirmative defenses in cases of inappropriate workplace conduct (Faragher-Ellerth Title VII defense); control workplace injuries and workers' compensation costs (reporting safety concerns and hazardous conditions); prevent harmful or destructive conduct (theft, fraud, violence, hazing) within your Organization; or increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace (employee complaints or suggestions).

ERL® is ideal for virtually every Organization, including:

  • Medium to Large Employers
  • Employers Covered by Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
  • Employers with Multiple Locations
  • Nonprofit / Civic Organizations
  • Universities
  • Collegiate Organizations (fraternities, sororities, athletic teams)
  • Property Managers / Landlords
  • Condominium Associations
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Hazardous or Safety-Sensitive Operations

How ERL® Works

mployee report line



Reports are submitted online, anonymously if desired



ERL securely logs and saves reports



Organization's designated contact is notified of the report



An online interface permits communication between the parties

Electronic Report Line photo

What Do You Get?

  • A branded online portal for reporting
  • English and Spanish
  • Ability to manage reports and ongoing investigations
  • Supporting materials and professional guidance